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Master grade spruce top, Ebony  fingerboard, Maple back and sides, on her way to Italy
Maple headstock
Maple headstock 
Maple headstock-side
Fustero classics on maple
Maple back close up
Fabulous and unique grain




Maple-Spruce concert guitar
spruce top, rosette # 7
Spruce top
Maple upper view
     Maple is one of the best representative woods from the Northern Hemisphere. It is the symbol of Canada.
It is a very hard, strong wood but relatively light. It is a fabulous wood to build musical instruments. Classical guitars made of this wood are rare and strikingly beautiful. Maple produces one of the most crystalline guitar sounds to be found. Sustain and projection are outstanding. If you look for a unique instrument both in Beauty and sound, maple is the wood to choose.
Maple properties
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